Who is the course for ?

"Cloud Architecture: A Guide To Design & Architect Your Cloud", is a course designed by a group of AWS, Azure Cloud Solution Architects. This course is for Leaders who are thinking about moving their applications to the cloud or for managers want to be a part of the cloud movement one way or the other. The people who generally benefit from this course are Software Development Managers (SDM), IT Managers, Engineering Managers, Technical Program Managers (TPM) and even developers. 

This course essentially gives you all the knowledge you would need to have a well-informed conversation at your workplace or an interview. It is a course for beginners and does not go into details on how you would configure your Load Balancer or how you would set up a bastion host. The course is also designed to give you a comprehensive overview of Cloud Design Principals, Cloud terminology, Strategy, Security, Operations, Migration Models and more! 

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